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Accident and Emergency Care Plans


Accident Expense Plans or Emergency Care Plans

More than ever before, individuals are turning to high-deductible,
high co-pay major medical policies as the best way to keep their
insurance premiums affordable. Unfortunately, high-deductible
plans shift responsibility for a large portion of health care costs to
you. That is why we have created a powerful complement to high-
deductible or any major medical plan – Accident Expense Plans.
  •  Helps cover deductibles, co-pays and other expenses not covered by your primary major medical plan
  •  No coordination of benefits with other health plans means receiving benefits faster and in addition to other coverage to pay for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Online application and guaranteed issue for accident coverage means fast and easy processing
  • Benefits are subject to the terms of the policy, including preexisting conditions, limitations and exclusions.
Emergency Care Plans are an accident medical expense plan with a wide range of benefits and options designed to supplement a family’s basic medical protection.

Some Key Benefits that many plans offer:

  • Delivers benefits for the injuries clients are most likely to need coverage for including most children’s sports injuries
  • Two Coverage options: Off the job only or 24 hour protection
  • Schedule benefits for AD&D, Surgery, ambulance, emergency treatment, lacerations, physical therapy, family lodging and more
  • Provides a death benefit if death occurs within 90 days of a covered accidental injury
  • Pays all benefits directly to the policy holder (unless payment is assigned to a healthcare provider), regardless of what is covered by traditional health plans.

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