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Health Insurance

What is individual health insurance?

With individual health insurance, you have multiple options now  to purchase coverage on your own.


  • You can apply through the marketplace for coverage and local plans in your area
  • You can apply directly through the insurance carriers if you prefer a certain carrier or policy
  • You can apply through an agent or broker to find multiple carriers offered to you.


PLEASE Note: You will only be able to apply for coverage during the yearly open enrollment period, Unless you have a life event that allows you to have a special enrollment.


Health insurance is no longer based on your pre-existing health conditions (Unless you are applying for Short term or ancillary insurance)


Group Insurance – Insurance offered through an employer is also an option to many people currently working.
If you’re an early retiree, self-employed or on COBRA, you can purchase major medical health insurance to help protect yourself and your family against health care costs and get access to care. You pay the entire premium each month; your employer makes no contributions.


Can I keep my doctors?

Some individual health insurance plans lets you visit any doctor or hospital you choose, without a referral. However, other health insurance plans only offer in network coverage, which means you have to choose a doctor that accepts their plan. It’s helpful to choose an insurer with a large, nationwide network of doctors and hospitals, or that offers out of network coverage. This ensures when you travel, you’ll have access to participating doctors and hospitals.


Are my prescriptions covered?

Quality individual health insurance will usually cover your prescriptions, either with a copay per script or by paying towards your deductible until it is met.  Many health insurance plans and carriers will provide you a yearly drug list to show how your script will be covered.



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